Hi! I'm

Marcello Palmitessa

a passionate front-end web developer


Yo! I'm a senior front-end web developer from Italy caring about browsers, devices and users; I have a strong focus on responsive web design, accessibility, performance, and usability; I am obsessed with typography, semantic markup, modern CSS, JAMstack, and Vue.js.

About my job, I like to think of it as a bridge between designers and back-end developers, I strongly believe that sharing a common language is always a first step to understand each other; after 20 years, I love simplicity and despise complexity, that's why I'm a strong advocate for usability and accessibility.

I work on the Web platform from... forever :) I love learning new stuff and staying updated, I don't like to gain technical debt in my field of work; naturally, it's not simple, very hard at times, since in the recent years the web platform is evolving at a dramatic speed, but still it get me excited!

My personal interests, are to climb mountains in spring and summer, to watch and read fantasy & science-fiction books & movies, and every day I have fun playing with my beautiful cat Tati.


  • Responsive Web Design

    I specilize developing Mobile First and Desktop Last, I work closely with designers to provide the best experience for end users.
  • Accessibility

    I build accessible websites and applications compliant with guidelines & regulations. I can perform accessibility audits to identify issues and provide insights.
  • Vue.js & React.js

    It's no secret that I love Vue.js, it's my prefered modern framework to work with; I have also a good knowledge of React.js; for both frameworks I'm able to architect & build complex and performant applications composed by components.
  • JAMstack

    I believe that JAMstack is a wonderful architecture that allows front-end developers to work at their maximum potential.
  • User Experience

    In my work I always put the user at the center, not the data; I believe that this change of perspective is a mandatory step for everyone that works on the web platform.